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Facial Treatments

We offer a wide range of facials, catering for all your different skin needs.

Express Facial

  • A quick but effective facial for those people who don’t have a lot of time, but still want glowing skin.

Deep Cleansing Facial

  • Your skin will be professionally checked by your therapist. We then cleanse, exfoliate, Steam and do extractions when needed. A specific mask is then applied to your skin for a total treatment.

Full Facial

  • An intense skin analysis and treatment plus a relaxing Facial massage including neck and shoulders.

Deluxe Facial

  • The facial delivers all of the above plus a special glycolic peel that will leave your skin bright, younger and refreshed.

Face Lifting Eye Treatment

  • Firms the delicate skin around the eye area and lifts sagging lids. Our machine will give you fresh, youthful hydrated eyes.
  • Six Sessions – $350 (Pre-paid)
  • Twelve Sessions – $660 (Pre-paid) 

Glycolic Peels

  • High strength peel that peels away dead skin cells to Leave a softer, smoother and clearer looking skin.
  • Six Sessions – $350 (Pre-paid)

AHA Peels

  • A stronger surface peel using Beta-Hydroxy Acids. Ideal for deep pigmentation uneven or blotchy skin.
  • Six Sessions – $450 (Pre-paid)

Non-Surgical Face Lift

  • One session will instantly lift and firm your face. You will look vibrant and uplifted for around 10 days. For a long term improvement, you will need a course of 12 sessions, giving a dramatic lift to drooping jaw line cheeks, brows and lids. Dark circles, lines and wrinkles will improve. A monthly session will maintain the effect. Remarkable results can be achieved. The lift helps with firmer & more youthful appearance.
  • Twelve Sessions – $850 (Pre-paid)

RF Firming Machine

  • RF Firming is the ultimate pore reduction, face firming, helps with breakouts & more smother skin in just one treatment